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Due to our many years of experience, we have a variety of drainage solutions that can help you unclog and unblock your drains and pipes.
Some of the drainage solutions Brisbane that we provide include:

We specialize in blocked drain services that can solve your issues thoroughly and quickly.
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Here’s The Kind of Things We Unblock in Brisbane

Blocked Sinks

blocked sink brisbane

Blocked Pipes

blocked pipes Brisbane

Drains and pipes are perhaps the most commonly used items within a house. It is often one of the most neglected pieces too simply because we can’t see it; it’s hidden beneath our walls and house structure. However, just because it isn’t visible to the eye doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require maintenance and repair. It’s important to know who to turn to when we do run into early signs of problems.

Although plumbing is a necessary evil, you can often troubleshoot the issues and prevent them from happening in the future. However, you won’t be able to prevent all issues through your own troubleshooting. A plumber should be considered the first line of defense.

Some of our daily activities in the household will eventually lead to a blocked or clogged drain. Some of this includes a buildup of hair, dirt, and other items. Furthermore, flushing down large things down our drains can also lead to buildup and clogging. This includes flushing down feminine hygiene items, cotton-tipped swabs, dental floss, diaper wipes, and more.

If you’ve reached that point where you simply cannot fix the issue yourself, then it is time to call in a drainage specialist.

Things to Consider When Choosing
A Brisbane Drainage Specialist

There are a lot of companies that specialize in drainage services but which one is considered the best or even appropriate? Because we have so much experience in the industry, we can certainly point you to a few things that you should look out for if you’re trying to find someone to help unclog your pipes. As drainage experts Brisbane, here’s what you should consider:

The first sign of confidence that you should look for when trying to find drainage specialists Brisbane is if the company has a warranty. We pride ourselves in being the best drainage experts Brisbane so we offer a very generous warranty on our services. As a service provider, companies should be able to offer a minimum warranty on the services that are performed.

Look for a guarantee of at least 6 months minimum, and if that isn’t clear from the start, talk to the service provider. Often times, you’ll be able to negotiate some type of deal or guarantee as this would be a testament to anyone’s service quality. If any issues do come up again, make sure that it is clearly communicated that there will be follow-up service with no extra charge.

The Best Equipment
Equipment is a large part of the task when it comes to unclogging drains and pipes. Going to a plumber that doesn’t use the best tools or at least relevant tools, can prove to be more harmful later in the long run. Unclogging drains is no fun. It is dirty, messy, and usually something that’s very difficult to resolve and also stomach.

Ask your plumber what type of equipment they use and if the equipment being used will cause any type of unintended damage to your house structure or other pipelines. You’ll need full confidence that any work the plumber does will be done with professionalism, quality, and reassurance. We use the best gear and also continuously invest in the latest tools to have your drains and pipes fixed properly in the least amount of time possible.

On-Time Attendance
There’s nothing more aggravating than making an appointment with a plumber and having them make you a promise only to have it backfire. Plumbing issues are messy. For the most part, people that have these issues want them to be resolved as quickly as possible. Can you imagine having to walk into a filth-filled bathroom or kitchen for a week? We understand your pains.

Make sure that the plumber you pick will actually show up on time. Be very clear on your schedule and theirs, and when you’re available to be in the house. We understand that not everyone has time to sit at home and wait for the plumber to come, so this needs to be respected. We’re a firm believer that any appointment booked with us, will be followed up with in a timely and professional manner. You will not have to wait around for your plumber to show up because we will show up.

Free Drain Camera Inspection
When picking a plumber, check to make sure that there’s some way for you to be able to inspect your drains with no extra charge. Drains can easily be camera inspected and should be provided at no extra cost. Providing this free of charge ensures confidence in our quality and service but also reassures customers that the job was done properly with minimal errors.

Same Day Emergency Service
The best plumbers are the ones that can come out and help resolve your issues the very same day. Blocked drains and pipes are extremely urgent. Leaving these issues on the side could only pose more problems down the road.

Ask your plumber if they offer you same day emergency service. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction so you can feel safe knowing that we do provide this service with no problems.

Last but not least when it comes to picking the best plumber for your drainage services, is getting a sense of their expertise. This is incredibly important because any maintenance or work on your pipes is serious. One mistake can cost you lots of money in the long run and potentially irreversible damage to your home.

Ask the plumber how many years of experience they’ve had and where their expertise lies. Getting an understanding of where they were trained and for how long is also important. If you’re able to get some type of record or testimonial from previous customers, that would be very beneficial. When you want to unclog your drains, you want to make sure that someone is competent and experienced enough to take care of your problems.

Areas We Service Around Brisbane

Brisbane North

We service all from Brisbane to Caboolture, including suburbs such as Chermside, Aspley & Northlakes.

Brisbane CBD

We can service all areas in the CBD in minimum time.

Brisbane South

We can service all areas south all the way to Logan and beyond.

Your Questions Answered

There’s a lot of misconceptions about blocked drains.
As experts in this area with many years of experience, we are more than happy to address some of the most common FAQs about blocked drains.

The best way to prevent clogged drains is applying common sense to the things that are being flushed down your pipes on a day to day basis. Large items going down the drain will eventually come back to haunt you.

In the kitchen sink, avoid rinsing fats or cooking oils. These liquid fats will solidify if your pipes are cold enough and will eventually create nasty clogs.

In the bathroom, hair and soap will inevitably go down the drain. However, over time, if too much accumulates, you can find yourself in a very messy and hairy situation. Consider installing a strainer that helps catch hair and soap chips, and have the strainer cleaned regularly to reset the build-up.

In most households, the laundry and kitchen drains are connected. Because these two are connected, when lint build-up from the laundry drains meet the grease buildup from soap and food products, a solid product is formed. This solid product is what causes blockage and while filters and strainers will help, you’ll need to have your drains snaked from time to time to properly clean it out.

We get this question quite often from our customers and basically, water jetting is a simple and quick way for us to help clear drain and sewer lines. It is often an economical and environmentally safe method of clearing pipes and drains.

Through different levels of pressure, water is emitted to help scrub away and build-up of sludge, grease, or other debris within the walls of the pipes. Having your pipes function like new the day they were installed is a dream come true. The next best option would be to have them replaced completely, but that solution is usually not viable and can be pretty expensive depending on the extent of the work that needs to be done.

The answer to this question is no. Hot grease that is poured down the drain can easily harden if the pipes are cold enough. When it does harden, it will restrict water flow and you’ll have a large problem on your hands.

Typically, this is because there’s a restriction in water flow from your potable water system. Once water comes into contact with air, it oxidizes and turns into a red/orange color. This is not harmful but it is a strong sign of old piping. There are other causes for this problem but when in doubt, it is best to ask a plumber to figure out the cause of the rust-like coloring in your water.

The best way to fix a leaking bathtub drain is to completely remove the drain clogging from the drain. This is best left up to a plumber to resolve as each household is different and will therefore require different solutions depending on the severity of the problem.

The price for each job will vary depending on how complicated the issue is. There is no average cost because it is often left up to interpretation based on what the plumber feels is an appropriate cost. An exact price can only be determined once the nature and extent of the issue is properly diagnosed.
Be careful of getting a quote over word-of-mouth. Make sure that whatever you are quoted goes down in an invoice with any follow-up services included.

If you have reason to believe that there are roots sprouting within your drain lines, it’s very important to take action immediately before you’re completely blocked. Many people don’t know that once water stops flowing through a pipe, many solutions are no longer viable. While it’s common that Root-X and copper sulfate is used to destroy roots in a pipe, they won’t work if there is no flow of water.

If your pipes are completely blocked, then a drain cleaning machine needs to be used to open up the pipes, but only temporarily. This will require future cleanings and if the issue is serious enough, then a sewer repair or replacement may be inevitable. Once roots start to take shape within pipes, it’s almost impossible to have them completely cut out, or have a solution prevent them from growing in again. Therefore it’s important to resolve this as soon as possible before the problem gets out of hand.

The answer to this is that it depends. When the problem persists and it’s truly serious, then it will be obvious as to when a drain or sewer line needs repair or needs to be replaced.

This answer also depends on the extent and severity of the issue. We try to use the most economical and environmentally friendly solutions but sometimes this is not viable. However, we will discuss this with our customers to see if they’d be comfortable with moving forward before we start performing and type of work.