Pipe Relining Brisbane

Using the most current pipe relining techniques, we have positioned ourselves as one of the best pipe relining Brisbane services. We pride ourselves in our ability to locate any potential issues within your sewer or drain without the need for digging.

No Dig Pipe Repair—How We Can Help

Through techniques we have perfected from years of experience, we can offer you pipe repair services with no digging involved. Our pipe relining services ensures that you’ll receive no dig pipe repairs. This helps keep the damage to your infrastructure to a minimum while resolving your piping issues.

What Pipes Can We Repair?

Our expertise has allowed us the ability to repair a number of different pipes. Here’s a list of pipes that we can repair:

  • Clay Pipes
  • Sewer Lines
  • Sewer Pipe Linings
  • Sewer Line Repairs
  • And More…

The Pipe Relining Process: How Does It Work

Pipe relining is essentially a conservative process that we use that allows us to repair existing drainage pipes without the need for tearing it out or replacing it.

Without delving into too much detail, how it works is by inserting an epoxy saturated felt tube into the pipe. Afterwards, we inflate it and allow it to cure in place. Once the liner has been cured, the ending result is a new pipe in place of the old pipe. This new pipe has an expected 50 year life expectancy.

Trenchless sewer repair comes with a host of benefits. With trenchless pipe lining, you’ll save much more in costs and essentially eliminate any digging or ground destruction. Trenchless pipe repairs are

Pipe Relining Vs. Replacement

Pipe relining instead of pipe replacement has generally been the preferred solution. One of the most obvious advantages for pipe relining is convenience. With pipe replacement, you’re looking at extensive damage and evacuation on your property. That means potentially digging up your lawn, driveways, landscaping, and more. Pipe relining eliminates all this hassle and delivers pure convenience.

Furthermore, there’s also sewer pipe replacement costs to consider. Digging up your own property can cost you a pretty penny if not done right. Trenches sewer line repair is expensive but trenches sewer line replacement can also be done in better ways.

How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost?

Pipe relining costs will vary depending on each situation. However, no matter what, you can expect that sewer pipe lining costs will generally be much cheaper when you’re talking about pipe relining cost per foot. For both trenches sewer repair cost and drain relining cost, we highly recommend you consult a professional to get an accurate quote.

We Offer Commercial & Residential Drain Pipe Lining Services

Our years of expertise makes us highly qualified for pipe relining services. Drains “n’ Pipes Brisbane offer drain pipe lining residential services, CCTV Pipe Inspections, Stormwater Repairs, and Drain Cleaning Services. No matter how complicated the issue, we’ll be able to determine a solution that’s within your budget.

Pipe Relining FAQ

This is a common question that we often get from our customers. We understand that having options available is essential for everyone we work with. In general, you can expect pipe replacement services to be much more costly than pipe relining services.

Pipe replacement is much more labor intensive and these costs magnify depending on the scale of the project. For large scale projects, material costs are expected to be high as well.

The process of pipe relining allows costs to be reduced drastically. It’s not as labor intensive and also eliminates potential future costs of restoring your property to its original form after the services have been performed.

Pipe relining is a very conservative process designed to minimize the damage to your home and surrounding areas. Typically, pipe relining is best for:

  • High-cost homes that have valuable landscaping
  • Homes that have expensive structural features
  • Homes with poor surrounding soil like clay soil
  • Homes that have deep or long lining underground
Many people are under the assumptions that replacing pipes generally has better durability. In fact, fixing existing pipes through pipe relining is actually more durable than replacing the pipes altogether.

Pipes are incredibly strong after it’s been fixed through pipe relining. Pipes repaired through this way tend to be stronger than pipe replacement, and can usually last up to 50 years. For further reassurance, ask about our warranty.

Pipe relining comes with a host of benefits, but there are always downsides to the process. It’s important to understand the positives and negatives of pipe relining.


  • There is a lot less digging through pipe relining
  • It tends to be more affordable
  • You won’t have to dig up your landscape, driveways, or garages
  • The digging that’s seen through pipe relining is very conservative and minimal
  • Pipes repaired through pipe relining tend to last up to 50 years


  • Not all circumstances allow for pipe relining
  • Sometimes, extra precaution must be taken to ensure that electrical and gas lines are untouched by this process
  • Depending on the nature of the job, costs can be higher
  • It may be difficult to find experts that specialize in pipe relining
Assessing whether or not your pipes have issues is incredibly important. Leaving these issues unsolved can lead to a whole new batch of problems for you in the future. Some good indicators of pipe issues include:

  • Frequent stoppages in the flow of water
  • Slow drainage
  • Appearance of insects, rodents, and other pests
  • Green patches on your grass
  • Bad odor from your sewers
  • Root intrusions
  • Frequent backing up of pipes
  • Any leaks or water stains
  • Mold

If you’ve come across any of these symptoms, call your plumber immediately so that they can give you a more accurate assessment of whether or not you have pipe issues. If you do, ask them for a quote if available.